Project Description

To watch, play, support

In Iida City, the Japanese traditional puppet show called “Ningyo Jyoruri” has been continuing since about 300 years ago. While “puppet” which is unique classical arts have been handed down, Iida City holds “Iida Ningyo Geki Festival” which is the biggest puppet show festival in Japan, ‘Iida Ningyo Geki Festival’ in every August.
We have gathered various types of over 200 puppet shows from not only domestics but also overseas together, and local community gets lively because total 400 puppet shows programs are played in more than 100 places in Iida City.
In 2018, as hosting city of puppet show’s international conference, “AVIAMA (International Association of Puppet Friendly Cities)”, a lot of foreign dignitaries of puppet show such as France, Spain and more other countries are going to come to Iida City. As a puppet show for theme, the internationalization is proceeding and handing down the traditions at the same time year by year.