Beautiful Scenery

Iida has numerous spots of beautiful scenery, formed by mountains, rivers, valleys and river terraces, all of which have become the stages in recent years for films, animations, manga and novels.
Shimoguri-no-Sato and Tenryukyo are typical examples of the beauty that can be found in Iida, creating archetypal images of Japan. Shirabiso Highland gives a panoramic view of the Japanese Southern Alps and Central Alps, while Nosokoyama Forest Park is famous for its colored leaves in late autumn.
But there is no reason to list up such well-known sightseeing spots when, by the time you reach the center of Iida, you will have already been struck by the beautiful scenery of the Tenryu River meandering along the foot of the valley, complete with houses and towns scattered along the river terraces, woods and hills behind them and distant ranges of high mountains surrounding the entire valley.