Project Description

Yakiniku which best in Japan

Iida citizens are huge fan of barbeque! Iida City’s ‘Number of BBQ stores per 10,000 population’ is 5.32 stores (January, 2017), and it’s the largest in Japan. People enjoy eating BBQ in home and local event’s parties, on the other hand, it is rooted in habit to go out for dinner and enjoy at the BBQ specialty store.
Iida city is widely getting noticed as ‘No.1 BBQ city in Japan’ by the mass media, because citizen’s ‘meat love’ is getting a lot more public attention.
Furthermore, the local beef ‘South Sinshu Beef’ is guaranteed by auction market competition in Kyoto, so the reputation of meat production has guaranteed from experts. In recent years, the working of citizens’ volunteer, they hold the event combining BBQ and music live.