Hikyo-eki on JR Iida Line

The Japan Rail (JR) Iida Line has gained great popularity with railroad fans, because of its many “Hikyo-eki (unexplored stations)” along the steep hillsides of the area. A “Hikyo-eki” is a deserted train station in a remote place, still in use but by only a very few people each day.
Stations such as “Kinno station”, “Chiyo station” and “Tamoto station” have been ranked in the top ten by Hikyo-eki loving railroad fans.
In 2027 the maglev train railroad “Linear Chuo Shinkansen” will be opened in Iida.
When that happens, Iida will be seen as a city of unique contrasts with its use of cutting-edge technology to move the fastest train in the world, yet still retaining the usefulness of a slow local train.