Project Description


Shishimai is the Japanese traditional performing arts which is wear Shishigashira and dancing. The standard style of the lion dance is one people or paired dancing. But there are many “Yataijishi” in a region of the vicinity of Iida city. “Yataijishi” made by more than 10 people and mobile shops. It is famous for the largest size in Japan. The length is more than 10 meters, and characterized by size which is comparable to motor coach. “Minami Shinshu Shishimai festival” is held in October every year. More than 20 groups including “Yataijishi” were get together for this festival. A variety of Shishimai are play performance with individuality. “Higashino Oshiji” which have as many as 25 meter are appears in “Iida Oneri festival” which is held on once in seven years. And it is popular with overwhelmed to theirs power for viewers.