Fine Food/ Delicacies

Iida city, a rural town surrounded by mountains, has a rich food culture produced by blessings of abundant nature and Japan’s four seasons. Some unique local delicacies include gohei-mochi, kanro-ni, and otaguri.
Gohei-mochi (Gohei mashed-rice balls): These delicious mashed rice balls, grilled on
bamboo sticks and then covered with a sweet miso sauce, are served distinctively
in pairs, resembling the shape and size of a pair of eye glasses.
Kanro-ni: chopped carp, cooked in sweet soy sauce.
Otaguri: slow-stewed horse intestines, often enjoyed with sake.

Iida city also has many excellent Japanese sweets shops, popular nationwide, rich with the historical backgrounds of tea ceremony practices once popular in the city.