Project Description

Scenic beauty Tenryu Kyo

The Tenryu Gawa, which floats to the Pacific Ocean from Ida city as dividing the city with north and south. Tenryu Kyo was named after the river and it has scenic valley. The name “Meikatsu” represents that the place is assigned as cultural resource and the scenic valley which is part of the Tenryu Oku Mikawa Park makes the citizens of Ida proud. Bothe side of the river has strange shaped rocks and because of its speed, the river was called “Abare Tenryu” which means “Aggressive River,” but we can enjoy a beauty of nature in each season. You can fully enjoy the scenic natural beauty by riding a boat called Funakudari. Moreover, Tenryu-kyo Ohashi (Provisional Name) is on construction since 2017. Two years later from that, you will be enjoying the beauty of nature from the great design of the bridge, which has 80m from the water and 280m long.