The Scenic Beauty of “Tenryukyo” (Tenryu Gorge)

“Tenryukyo” literally stands for “the ravine of the Tenryu River”.
The Tenryu River, one of the largest in Japan, runs through Iida city from north to south all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The river has been called the “Violent Tenryu” because of its rapids, and yet.
The difficult terrain of the area has produced outstanding beauty in the surrounding valley where rocks along the river has been formed into fantastic shapes. Visitors can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the changing seasons on a sightseeing boat that meanders through the deep gorge.
The newly built “Tenryukyo Ohashi (Large Bridge)” (280 meter length and 80 meter height) in 2019 boasts a scenic footpath called “Sora-sampo (footpath in the sky) Tenryukyo”, which has become another popular sightseeing spot.